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Privacy Policy

The Libooupro Privacy Statement governs the use of information collected from You or provided by You on the Website. With regard to any person whose personal information is provided by You to Libooupro, You guarantee to Libooupro that You have obtained all necessary agreements for the processing of this personal information envisaged by the Services that You use and by the Privacy Statement of Libooupro, including the transfer of this data to other countries whose legislation may not offer the same level of protection of personal data as the legislation of the country of origin of that person.


​Libooupro has the right to process the data provided by the sender or recipient as part of the management of items forgotten by Libooupro, to transfer this data to other companies in the group and to subcontractors of Libooupro, as well as in other countries which do not necessarily have the same level of data protection as in the country where the shipment is presented to Libooupro, and to process them if and to the extent that the transfer and processing of this data in these countries is necessary to carry out the agreed forgotten item handling, delivery, transport and shipping service.

The sender guarantees that:

(i) he obtained the personal data concerning the shipment which he legally transmitted on,

(ii) it is authorized to provide this information to Libooupro, to the extent that the transfer and processing of this data in these countries is necessary for the execution of the agreed shipping services and

(iii) it has obtained informed and specific consent from the recipient that Libooupro may send email and other notifications to the recipient in connection with the agreed handling and shipping services.

Libooupro uses the sender's personal data provided by the sender in accordance with the Information Notice on our practices inprivacy matters availableon the Libooupro website.


The sender has the right to access, modify, delete and rectify personal data concerning him and kept by Libooupro. To exercise their rights, the sender must send an email indicating their email addresses, name, first name and postal address or on section "contact".

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