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It all starts with a complaint.

  • Customers report their lost item using a form available

  • Establishments open to the public report a forgotten item

  • Aside from that?

  • Who uses LiboouPro?
    LiboouPro is a professional solution for those who have found an object. Any professional can add an article on LiboouPro. In addition, LiboouPro works with many sectors of activity such as hotels, airports, shopping centers, amusement parks.
  • Faut-il s'inscrire pour utiliser ce service ?
    Non, que vous soyez un professionnel du tourisme ou un client ayant séjourné dans un établissement d'hébergement, vous n'êtes pas obligés de vous inscrire pour utiliser ce service. Dans le cas où vous auriez trouvé un objet dans votre établissement, il vous est possible de faire votre demande en cliquant sur l'espace 'vous êtes un hôtel'. Dans l'éventualité où vous auriez séjourné dans un établissement d'hébergement et que vous auriez oublié un objet, veuillez effectuer votre demande dans l'espace intitulé 'vous êtes un client'.
  • Are there still fees to pay with LiboouPro?
    No, LiboouPro is a free service. You only pay as part of a partnership with certain ticket tracking options and only if you wish to benefit from packaging and postage slips at your establishment. Don't worry, it is always indicated when it is a paid service.
  • How can we choose the return mode?
    Once you receive notification that a found item has matched a lost item, you receive the information to return the item to its owner, either from where it is stored or, according to the customer's choice, on delivery. When the customer has decided to be delivered, we take over. Our partner Colissimo, UPS or Fedex, will give us the necessary information that will allow us to organize the delivery for your customer. We will contact you directly for shipping details.
  • What is a game? How does it work?
    The word "match" first appeared with dating sites. If you doubt comprehension, imagine that a lost object must find its correspondence in the found objects. At this time we have a customer considered happy ❤ There are different types of matches: The potential match: You may have different items that seem to match yours. Validated match: this is the time for the customer to provide information proving that he is the owner of the object found.
  • I am an accommodation establishment, how can I register?
    Registration is free, you must use the form available here: Information about your institution
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